Using Your Glucometer

Purpose of a Glucometer

A glucometer measures your blood sugar levels. 

Getting Ready to Connect Your Glucometer
  1. The following steps should be completed after you have downloaded the app on your phone and once you have taken your new device out of the box.
  2. Make sure you have your phone and glucometer near you.
  3. Before connecting to your smartphone, make sure to setup your glucometer. If not done already, press and hold the OK button until the meter turns on. When presented with the target range, press the OK button to continue (these are set by your provider in the app.) Then, using the outer ring to adjust the numbers and OK button to confirm the date and time.
Connecting to an Android Device
Connecting to an iPhone
Taking a Reading
  1. In the app, ensure you are on the New Reading screen. If not, tap the bottom left button that says, “New Reading.”
  2. Tap the Contour Next One that is listed.
  3. Select your meal information and insert your test strip into the glucometer.
  4. When ready to test, press “Take Reading.”
  5. Once “Ready to Take Reading” is presented, follow the instructions listed on your smartphone.
  6. Once done, you will see your reading on your smartphone. You can enter a note (if needed.) To leave this screen press “Open Health Data” or “< Back”

Tips for Taking a Reading
  • Wash your hands using warm water before you test to prevent infection.
  • Let your hand hang down and shake it. This will help blood flow to your hand.
  • Pierce your fingertip on the side of your finger, between the bottom of your fingernail to the tip of your nail (avoid the pads as this can pinch more).
  • After taking a test strip out, close the lid tightly. Too much light or moisture can damage the strips.