Using Your Glucometer

Purpose of a Glucometer

A glucometer measures your blood sugar levels. 

Setting Up Your Glucometer

The date and time will be synchronized automatically when the message “Date and Time Synchronized” appears. If the device is unable to do this, you can set the date and time manually. Press the “up” button on the device. Find the date and time option and press the “home” button to select. Proceed to set the date and time by using the “up” and “down” button to adjust and “home” to confirm and continue to the next setting.

Next, prepare your lancing device and set the depth of penetration.

Taking a Reading

Before taking a reading, you can select either “before meal” (full apple icon) or “after meal” (half-eaten apple icon) by pressing the “home” button after you turn on the device. Once ready, insert the test strip and apply the blood sample.