Using Your Scale

Purpose of a Scale

 A scale measures your weight (lbs.) 

Getting Ready to Connect Your Scale
  1. The following steps should be completed after you have downloaded the app on your phone and once you have taken your new device out of the box.
  2. Make sure you have your phone, scale, and batteries near you.
  3. Write down the six-digit PIN shown on the back of the scale. You will need this later.
  4. Make sure the metric is switched to “lb” on the back of the scale.
Connecting to an Android Device
Connecting to an iPhone
Taking a Reading
  1. In the app, ensure you are on the New Reading screen. If not, tap the bottom left button that says, “New Reading.”
  2. Tap the Omron HN-290T that is listed.
  3. Once “Ready to Take Reading” is presented, step on the scale.
  4. Wait until the scale beeps then, step off.
  5. Once done, you will see your reading on your smartphone. You can enter a note (if needed.) To leave this screen press “Open Health Data” or “< Back”

Tips for Taking a Reading
  • Remove your shoes and excess clothing (e.g., jackets, scarves etc.) before stepping on the scale.
  • Check your weight after you have used the bathroom.
  • Keep the scale in the same location and make sure it is placed on a hard and flat surface (do not place the scale on a carpet or mat.)
  • Remain still and distribute your weight evenly on both feet during your measurement.