Week 27 of Pregnancy

Your baby is now 9 and a half inches long from the top of her head to her bottom, and she weighs a little more than 2 pounds. If she could stretch out her legs, she’d be about 15 inches long. Her lungs are still weak and her immune system is a work in progress. But if she were born today, at week 27, she would have a great shot at surviving with the help of a neonatal intensive care unit.

She can now open her eyes, although she doesn’t do it very often. (The view in there leaves something to be desired.) Opening and closing her eyes now will help her get ready to blink when she gets into the real world.

She also has fully developed taste buds. The food you eat may affect the flavor of the amniotic fluid. Put extra garlic on your pasta tonight, and she’ll notice.

If you’re interested in taking a pregnancy class, this is a great time to start. By signing up now, you should be able to finish the course well before the baby arrives, giving you plenty of time to practice your breathing and relaxation techniques.

Of course, there’s more to a good pregnancy class than learning how to breathe. You can explore all of your delivery options, from a “natural” childbirth at home to a hospital birth with all the bells and whistles. It’s a good opportunity for dads and other family members to come together, share their experiences, and help support you. You’ll also have the chance to meet other women and hear their concerns. Chances are, some of them will sound very familiar.


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